2001 Orlando KHS All-Class Reunion
Missing Alumni

Feel free to e-mail the names of friends that you would like to see at this years reunion. It might encourage them to attend the reunion if they know that others are looking for them. Just send the names to one of the contacts listed at the bottom of this page and we will post the names for you anonymously. Our goal is to bring together as many Dragons as possible!

Class of 1970:
Jerry Jaworski
Ian Cook
Gary Schneider
Barbie Holl
Randy Dunlap
Karen Gibbons
Chuck Smith
John Patterson
Raine Wernig

Class of 1971:
Tom Tomai
Wardell Townsend
Kristy Carlson
Darlene Mikkelson
Stella Nakama
Shirley Joyner
Sharon Spencer
Ron Thomas

Class of 1972:
Richard Lee
Greg Overman
JoAnn Wernig
Susan Middlebrooks
Gretchen Shoopman
Mary Barrow
Jill Bradshaw
Howard Nakata
Leo Shen
Marian Mehegan
Steve Spencer

Class of 1973:
Robin Bechtel
Ann Billingsley
Frances Sheehan
Susan Morris
Becky Gilliland
Terri Farmer
Kris Foster
Carol Canavan
Tony Melillo
Carol Johnson
Paul Sanford
Jan Jensen

Class of 1975:
Steve Chandler
Charlie Hall

Class of 1976:
Larry Aiken
Doug Chandler
Jacqui Maxwell
Steve Eng
Sue Shimabukuro
Judy Hori
Virginia Paraizo
Joel Schlageter
Bob Moses
Bill Moats
Marie McDermott
Bill Haley
Tony Powell
Tony Kinsey
Kazuo Yamanoha

Class of 1977:
Kim Barlow
Denise Eng
Sandy Troutman
Debbie Gill
Takenobu "Bob" Toguchi
Kazue Toguchi
Tommy Yamamoto

Class of 1978:
Cindy Tate

To order KubasakiWear (our fundraising venture and alumni pride gear), send money order (payable to Carri Morones) to:

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Please add $3.00 per item ordered for shipping and handling.  Contact Carri directly for shipping rates on large quantity orders. Allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

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For more information please contact Carri Morones, Cleve Johnson or Sherry Bastion

This page was last updated on May 8, 2001.